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China Starter Pack is a cloud based solution that helps travel and tourism organizations establish an initial online presence in China. It offers a complete solution that includes a starter Chinese web site, mobile presence, social media profiles on Weibo or WeChat, and more.



A starter Chinese web site with responsive design, that is hosted in China, provides an effective online presence.



Get started on Weibo and WeChat, and let the power of social help drive your brand awareness in China.



Mobile internet is the new battle ground for consumer attention, we make sure that the web site and social profiles are mobile ready.

Focused on Travel


Hotels & Resorts

China Starter Pack is designed exclusively for the global travel industry. It offers specially designed templates for hotels and resorts with customized content types for rooms, food & beverage outlets, meeting facilities and promotions. It supports integration to hotel's own online booking engines.

Attractions & Destinations

For attractions and destinations, China Starter Pack offers media rich templates to showcase destination experiences. Featured experiences can be linked to itineraries offered by trade partners in China to lead consumers along the path to purchase, from inspiration to booking.
Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall & Outlets

For outbound Chinese travelers, shopping is a key activity in the trip. China Starter Pack offers shopping outlets and shopping malls a highly localized content structure that makes their starter web site a useful source of information for Chinese travelers.

Starter Web Site

China Starter Pack included web sites come out of the box with support for multiple devices, including PCs, tablets and smart phones.

responsive design
  • .cn Domain

    Registration and government approval in China.

  • ICP Compliance

    Filing for a licence to have a website in China.

  • Behind the Firewall

    Marketing travel brands on localized social media.

  • Chinese Content

    Catering to the habits and preferences of the local audience.

  • Baidu Optimized

    SEM planning, Chinese keyword suggestions and campaign execution.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Providing useful information and mobile friendly call to action on mobile devices.

Weibo & WeChat

responsive design

Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging service, similar to Twitter, but with a much richer set of features for end users and brand marketers.

WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging service. It is like a Chinese version of Line or WhatsApp, with more social features.

China Starter Pack gets your covered on both platforms, with 600 million plus users each.

Bonus: Visual Marketing

Bonus: Visual Marketing

China’s answer to Instagram and Pinterest, offers China Starter Pack clients the unique opportunity to fully leverage their Chinese visual content.


  • Canadian Tourism Commission Social Media

    Canadian Tourism Commission Social Media

  • My Odyssey Tour Operator Web Site and Social Media

    My Odyssey Tour Operator Web Site and Social Media

  • Prime Plaza Hotels

    Prime Plaza Hotels & Resorts Web Site

  • Small Luxury Hotels of the World Social Media

    Small Luxury Hotels of the World Social Media & Loyalty Program

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